How a rich company culture fosters personal growth

How a rich company culture fosters personal growth

Maria Pia
Ex-Careloopie Maria Pia shares some insights about the thriving company culture at Careloop and its impacts on her personal growth.

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1. Why did you join Careloop? Tell us a bit about yourself.

Formerly working for EY in Portugal – a leading auditing firm, I couldn’t see the impact of my work and lacked a sense of teamwork. In search of a more fulfilling career, I decided to join Careloop in Berlin. Graduating during COVID had sadly delayed my plans to work abroad. Fortunately, Careloop offered the ideal opportunity to relocate to such an interesting and diverse city like Berlin while escaping the confines of the corporate world. Since the very beginning, Careloop gave me the opportunity to lead a team with the position of Head of Candidates. This really gave me the courage and responsibility for learning and growth.

2. Tell us about the company culture at Careloop. What was special about it?

At Careloop, the working atmosphere was intense but not toxic in a competitive way. Instead, there was a strong focus on productivity and teamwork. The diversity of the Careloop team, comprising various nationalities, offered valuable learning experiences in terms of tolerance and understanding. Especially, following the German working style was essential. This emphasized clear, direct, and organized communication, punctuality for meetings, and adherence to rules and processes.

“I would describe Careloop’s culture in 3 words: Hard-working, Multicultural, Growth-mindset.”

My time at Careloop helped me grow so much as a young professional and as a person. Careloop offered me a career-defining role, by pushing me beyond my comfort zone and allowing me to explore various aspects of the company. Besides, moving to a different country and adapting to a new culture was very challenging for me. But with time, the office became my second home. I have built such profound friendships with my colleagues, which was what made my experience at Careloop so meaningful. All the time we spent together, the joy and frustration we shared at work, or simply the warmth I felt at the office even on rainy winter days, are memories that always put a smile on my face when I look back.  

hard-working, multicultural and growth-mindset
a place of hard work, learning and growth

3. Tell us about your most memorable moments at Careloop.

During my two-year journey with Careloop I have had countless cherished memories. Our first outdoor barbecue was one of the most memorable events. I can still vividly recall us marinating the meat together the day before, making Caipirinhas and playing ping pong in our small backyard. It was during these activities that I got to know my colleagues’ personalities beyond work. Those were moments that I truly felt like a part of the company.

Another highlight was welcoming our first recruited Tunisian nurse to our office, after having accompanied her throughout a long journey. Catching her eyes – filled with hope and excitement for finally being in Berlin, truly warmed my heart. She even brought three beautiful bracelets for me, and my team members Laura and Nhu Mo as an expression of gratitude for our work. Such simple gestures like that really meant the world to us. 

Seeing the changes we made in people’s life reminds me of the love for my job.” 

One of my proudest achievements at Careloop was actually managing internal HR. From an unstructured company with just a few members, together we grew into a close-knit family with such a rich company culture. We learned to implement comprehensive onboarding programs, structured feedback sessions, and well-organized holidays, absences, and workation policies. Being a part of such an incredible evolution will always be one of the most memorable experiences in my career. 

The day I left, I was deeply moved by the team’s farewell gifts. They showed my colleagues’ appreciation for my work and efforts, which made saying goodbye to Careloop even more bittersweet. It had been a place of immense hard work, learning and growth for me.

team Careloop's boat day
cherished memories at Careloop

4. What did you learn from your time at Careloop and how does it affect your current career?

One of the first things I learned at Careloop was the importance of transparent communication, as well as seizing opportunities as they arise. I learned to put myself in other people’s shoes and deal with issues with an objective mindset. Furthermore, Careloop also helped me recognize the value of my work and dedication. This not only motivated my professional growth, but also boosted my self-esteem. I also learned a lot about the importance of how we treat other people, as I discovered that small acts of understanding and kindness were deeply appreciated by colleagues.

“Above all, one of the most valuable lessons at Careloop was working harmoniously in a diverse environment.”

Working with different people with different backgrounds, I got to practice the art of negotiation and helping others grow. My time at Careloop significantly shaped my working style and me as a person, which positively influences my present career. Currently, I’m based in Barcelona and working at Xceed, an event management platform. Here I continue to work in an international team, with older colleagues who respect my work and value my perspectives. My time at Careloop has equipped me with essential people management, organizational, and language skills, which all help enrich my current role.

5. What advice would you give to someone looking to join Careloop?

In the fast-paced startup world, my piece of advice is to stay adaptable and prepared for anything. Don’t be overly selective but instead, focus on fighting for your goals. Embrace the notion that what you invest in your experience directly impacts what you gain from it. Obviously you might have been hired for a specific project/role, but be open to sudden changes, such as shifting to or supporting another department. Treat these opportunities as valuable learning experiences and show your value to the company. Speak up, share your ideas, and suggest improvements – your input will be acknowledged and appreciated.

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