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Careloop's declaration of principles

Our goal is to offer both nurses and care facilities in Germany a socially sustainable perspective. The principles of fairness and ethics are paramount at Careloop. Therefore, we are committed to fairness and ethics in the recruitment and placement of international nurses in accordance with the principles of the “Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany” seal of approval:

  • Written form for traceability
  • Free of charge placement process for nurses
  • Limitation of the economic risk for nurses
  • Transparency of structures, services and costs
  • Sustainability and participation
  • Overall responsibility

We are committed to aligning all company actions with the World Health Organisation’s Code of Conduct for the International Recruitment of Healthcare Professionals. Accordingly, we only recruit from countries that are not listed by the WHO as having a critical shortage of healthcare professionals. In general, Careloop allows nurses from all other countries to participate in the process. In addition, Careloop is committed to the “Employer Pays” principle and only supports those placements and recruitments that adhere to this principle. Any direct or indirect fees or costs directly related to the placement (including for business partners) are financed exclusively by the employer in Germany. The placement and service is free of charge for our nurses. We also exclude the possibility of placing nurses in employment contracts that contain repayment or commitment clauses relating to the costs of placement.

In addition, Careloop is committed to complying with the United Nations‘ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) General Principles and Operational Guidelines on Fair Recruitment and Definition of Recruitment Fees and Related Costs and the ILO Core Labor Standards.

Our values

1. Respect

Fair and respectful cooperation forms the basis for successful collaboration. We treat all fellow human beings equally, regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, religion, age or sexual identity. We stand for responsible, honest and transparent treatment with all stakeholders.

2. Innovation

What drives us is the need for change. Finding better solutions to old problems is what motivates us most. We rethink old things, look for efficiency and effectiveness and use modern digital possibilities to reach our goal faster together. Through challenging tasks, we constantly develop ourselves further. Every experience strengthens our knowledge to find new solutions.

3. Team strength

We act according to the motto “Together we are strong”. We are convinced that we function best and make the most difference as a team. By looking at things from different angles, we get different perspectives and thus develop the best solution. Our team is versatile and diverse and this combination is our recipe for success.

4. Service culture

For us, a strong service culture means being there for our stakeholders, listening to them and attending to their concerns at all times. Individual support and advice are a matter of course for us. We act from person to person.

Last updated: June 2024

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