Corona Initiative – Placing nursing staff in times of a crisis

Corona Initiative – Placing nursing staff in times of a crisis

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Careloop's pro bono initiative #gemeinsamhelfen solves one of the core problems during the Corona crisis, the shortage of medical staff.

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The next few months will be the biggest challenge for our health care system in Germany and worldwide in a long time. The increasing number of Covid-19 patients as well as staff shortfalls in hospitals and elderly care will increase the need for medical and nursing staff even more. 

Many hospitals, but also care institutions, such as nursing homes and nursing services, are already suffering from increasing workloads caused by Covid-19. In addition, there is a lack of personnel for the newly established emergency hospitals that have been built in many places. Fortunately, there are many nurses and doctors who are working in other sectors, are retired or are still in training and would like to help in overcoming this severe crisis. To us, this sounds like a perfect match and we want to do our part to ensure that the right helpers meet the right insitituions seeking help.

Hence, the Careloop team has launched the pro bono initiative #gemeinsamhelfen. We offer a free and uncomplicated placement service for willing nurses and doctors to find hospitals and care institutions that are looking for help. There are also no costs involved for the institutions. Interested helpers can register and create a short profile using the online form provided by Careloop. Careloop then brings the helpers together with suitable institutions that are in need of help in a transparent and efficient manner.

In times of the corona crisis, the health care system and above all society needs the help and commitment of every single one. With Careloop’s pro bono initiative #gemeinsamhelfen, we hope to do our part in overcoming the corona crisis and thus continue to ensure patient care.

You can find more information about our pro pono Initiative #gemeinsamhelfen here