Testimonial: Three nurses from Vietnam about their journey to Germany

Testimonial: Three nurses from Vietnam about their journey to Germany

Pflegekräfte Vietnam Erfahrungen, Berichte und Bewertungen

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We are very happy that Tuyen, Lan and Yen from Vietnam have taken some time to talk with us about their new beginning in Germany and their experience with Careloop. The three nurses from Vietnam have started their job in a German nursing home in Berlin a couple of weeks ago and have told us about their new employer, the learning of the German language and their new life in Germany.

Why do you work as a nurse? And what was your motivation to come to Germany and work here?

Tuyen: I love taking care of others and becoming a professional nurse has always been my childhood dream. Through newspapers and the Internet, I know that the healthcare industry in Germany is facing an extreme lack of workforce. Besides, Germany is a beautiful country, with highly disciplined people and very high living standards. I saw a good job opportunity and a promising future here. That is why I am here in Germany today.

How and where have you learned German? Do you still attend to courses in Germany?

Tuyen: In Vietnam, I studied German at Goethe Institute for a year. My teachers were very supportive, and I got A1, A2 and B1 German certificates and B2 especially for nursing. Since I have arrived in Germany, I still take my German classes with the goal to obtain a B2 German certificate. I feel that a year is too short to master a foreign language. Besides, because the pronunciation, rhythm, intonation and stress in German language are completely different from Vietnamese, I have to try harder and harder.

How was the process with Careloop, e. g. in terms of communication, support? What challenges have you been facing?

Tuyen: Meeting Careloop was really a blessing for me. Only a couple of days after my registration, they found a suitable nursing home for me and little after, I already signed a contract. In addition, Careloop also supports me with all the necessary documents. What I particularly like is that I can speak to Careloop in my native language. This is really useful when you first come to Germany and you don’t have a perfect command of German yet. Above all, when you are not sure about the administrative procedures.

Would you recommend working with Careloop? Why?

Lan: Yes, definitely yes. I will recommend Careloop to my friends and any nurses who want to work in Germany. Careloop is a German company, so the working style is very professional, quick and straight to the point. The staff here also help me with great enthusiasm.

How do you like your new employer in Germany?

Lan: I am very happy and satisfied with the new employer. They are fun, sociable, friendly and very considerate of everyone. Therefore, every time I go to work, I feel happy and comfortable. Although there is a lot of work, I do not feel any stress or burden at all.

What tasks do you have at your new employer? Are you happy?

Lan: The new job at the new nursing home isn’t really that different from the previous job at another nursing home. However, at the new job, I can participate in more activities with the elderly, like I can talk with them more, play games or even read newspapers together. Everyone is so nice and friendly!

What does your integration into your new team look like?

Yen: Teamwork with colleagues from different countries helps me to become more open-minded and flexible. I learned a lot, know how to handle different situations as well as divide tasks and group discussions. Most of my colleagues and superiors are very nice and friendly.

In what way does the work in Germany differ to being a nurse in your home country?

Yen: In Vietnam, nursing homes are almost unavailable in some provinces, and if available then mainly in big cities and there, also very rare. When retiring, elderly people usually live near their grandchildren and are cared for by them. In Vietnam, I worked in hospitals and daily work was to change bandages, give infusions, or supply medications; bathing or feeding the patient was mainly done by family members. In Germany, when I work in a nursing home, I take care of elderly people more comprehensively including bathing, feeding, dressing and other physical and mental activities such as singing, exercising or reading. Most of the elders there are very nice. It can be said that the work in the hospital focused more on medical treatment, while in nursing homes, it aims mainly to create feelings of comfort, warmness and happiness to make people feel like home.

What is it like to live in Germany? How are the country and its people? What do you miss from your home country?

Yen: I feel grateful that I had the chance to come to Germany – a beautiful country with no air pollution, convenient public transportation, many beautiful scenes, interesting culture, strong economy and good people. Only food in Germany does not suit me well. I also miss home very much, especially the meals my mother cooks. But since I’m living in the 4.0 era and the digital age, homesickness can also be a little relieved because we can always video call our family anytime.

We thank our nurses from Vietnam for the interview and wish Yen, Tuyen und Lan all the best for their future in Germany.