Careloop Scholarship

Scholarship program for nurses from around the world

Careloop sponsors you!

Besides your recognition as a nurse and immigration to Germany, Careloop supports you in one more aspect for your journey to work as a nurse in Germany.

Actions speak louder than words so for the nurses who have proven their motivation by acquiring an A2 level of German and provided all the necessary information we will help paying for your B1 course.

Your benefits

The Careloop Scholarship enables you to fully focus on the German language without worrying about money.

Private or small classes

Learning a language works best if you have the chance to actively participate in the class and communicate. Therefore, we provide you with either individual classes or a course in a small group.

No time

The success of learning highly depends on your time next to your daily routines. Therefore, we do not define a fixed period of time within which you must take the exam. Learn in your own pace and make this project work!


As a member of our scholarship program, you can speed up the process of your B1 certification and reach Germany in a fast and efficient way.


The immigration to Germany as a professional nurse requires an international B1 certificate. Therefore, Careloop pays you the entire B1 course.

The Careloop Scholarship enables you to speed up the process of your immigration.

How it works

You can apply for the Careloop Scholarship in four simple steps.

Our easy way to the Careloop Scholarship

1. Fill in the form

Let us know who you are, about your degree and work experience. The more precise you are, the higher the chances.

2. Upload your documents

Provide us with all required documents for the process. Only if the documents are complete, you can apply for the scholarship.

3. Have a call with us

We invite you to a call to get to know you and also to check your motivation and skills.

4. Get a quick decision

We review your application and get back to you within one week

For a successful application all of the following documents must be provided

Document Requirements

The requirement is a nursing degree of minimum three years. Please upload a copy of your diploma in original language as a pdf.

Please upload a course overview of your degree including a course description. It is essential that the document provides the total amount of theoretical and practical hours per subject throughout your studies.

Download: Course overview template

Please upload the grade overview of your degree stating the grades per subject and a scale of grades.

Please upload an A2 German certificate. Alternatively, you can upload a proof from your language school that you have at least initiated or finished the A2 level of German.

Please upload a coloured copy of your passport.

Please upload a copy of your birth certificate in original language. 

Please upload references that state your work experience as a professional nurse.

Please upload a CV translated into German. It is important not to list any gaps in time after leaving school. If there were times when you did not work or study at university, please add other activities you did during these gaps, such as “learning German”. A picture needs to be added to you CV as well. It is also required that your CV is signed at the end with your name, date and place.

Download: CV template

Please upload a professional nursing license form your home country. For Vietnamese nurses a minimum 9 month internship confirmation/reference is required.

Learn German at our cost

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